Hacker attack on HostKey

Hello, Travelers!

Sometimes there are failures, we had a major server failure when we lost data for several months. We coped with this and set up data backup.

But life is more sudden than it seems. Our hosting provider HostKey was attacked and destroyed its network. Physically, our server stopped working and the provider restored its internal backup on another physical machine. As a result, we are faced with the fact that the data is 12 days behind.

We have restored the most up-to-date threaded copy of the project and the total data loss was only a few hours from 11/14/2021 00:15 to the time of the attack on the morning of November 14.

However, the project was offline for almost 50 hours and users could lose data. For the future, we recommend OsMoDroid users to enable "hiking mode". Thus, the application writes trips offline and tries to unload upon completion. Since the server is unavailable, this did not work. However, when we reconnected it, all user trips were successfully loaded.

Thank you for being with us! Have a good trip!

Date: 16.11.2021