Terms of use

Please carefully read the terms of use of our service.

The service includes the website osmo.mobi, OsMo Tracker system servers and other components used to provide the service.

You agree to comply with the terms published on this page at the time of opening any of the OsMo Tracker applications or when logging in to the site osmo.mobi

The service is designed to accumulate coordinates and record trips of private users. If location sharing is used, it is strictly prohibited to use the service without the knowledge of the observed person (for covert surveillance).


The service is provided "as is", in the form in which it is. Any functions of the service can be added, changed, or disabled at any time.

The service availability time, quantity and quality of services are not guaranteed.

We are not responsible for possible moral, monetary or other losses associated with the use of the service.

If the user has not responded to the request letter from OsMo, the account may be determined inactive and will be blocked. To unlock, the user needs to contact support.

When using any OsMo services, it is necessary to adhere to generally accepted norms and rules of behavior on the Internet and society, as well as the legislation of the country in which you are located.

Political propaganda is prohibited in any downloadable user content (chats, descriptions of groups, names of trips).

Automated use of the service outside the standard API is strictly prohibited without the permission of the service owners.
It is strictly forbidden to spread spam using the service.

The account and/or device may be blocked if:


It is forbidden to create multiple accounts in the system linked to each other (to raise the referral rating)

Updated: 16.11.2021