After the attack on HostKey

Hello, Travelers!

Recently we wrote about an attack on HostKey. He recovered, and the project started working. However, the attack did not pass without a trace ...

Due to a technical error on the HostKey side, our server was deleted on the 22nd. And again restored from a copy on November 9... Moreover, unexpectedly for everyone. 
Temporarily, we took the project to the servers of another hosting company in Moscow and asked HostKey to sort out the situation.
They conducted an investigation and found that the virtual machine of our server had multiplied in the cluster and when the system engineer was removing duplicates of these machines, he deleted the one that was "in priority" all the days after recovery. As a result, we have lost some more data since the last backup. Fortunately, the losses were not great, but just the fact of surprise, repeated failure forced us to leave HostKey for a while.

However, after a detailed description of what happened from the HostKey specialists, we returned our service to their site on the 25th. There was a 2-hour timeout.

Everything is fine now, backups are made 4 times a day, a copy of the project, if necessary, unfolds in an hour. We are ready for any eventuality. The service is working and will work without failures.

Thank you for being with us! Have a good trip!

Date: 27.11.2021