After the New Year

The new year has passed and we want to share with you the latest news of the service over the past time:


We moved to a new, more powerful and spacious server to make the service work faster and have enough space to store your data. We have added permanent backups of the most important data to third-party cloud services, so that in the event of a hardware failure, you do not experience any special inconvenience. The project turnaround time from scratch is kept to a minimum and is equal to 3 hours.

Before moving, we did a lot of work to analyze the accumulated data and from 73 GB of gpx text files with your tracks, useless or erroneous data was found, they occupied up to 25% of the total volume. In a short time the format of the repository is updated, and the extra data will be deleted.


We recently updated the security requirements for the passwords you use to log in to your account. To make this transition easier, we temporarily made it possible to log in via Email or a code from a Push Notification in the smartphone app. This is a necessary measure to protect your privacy, as the service stores the data of you and your family members about the movement every day. We have experienced cases of unauthorized access to other people's accounts due to too simple passwords, so we have implemented a number of measures to restrict the use of simple passwords.


We have significantly redesigned the system of rewards and comments in the trip analyzer, now this statistics is end-to-end for the user, this allows you to show what achievements the user received for the week / month / quarter.
Added descriptions to various awards and comments so that you can understand what they are based on.


In connection with the updated understanding of how groups work, we have removed the ability to specify a separate Nickname and Color in all groups, except for Professional ones. And even in them, the nickname and color are only visible through the web version of the map of a particular group. Modifications on this topic continue. Soon, registration may become mandatory for the use of groups.

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Date: 31.01.2021