Shows your current location

Easy and simple

By installing the application working with OsMo, share your location easily

Personal monitoring on site

Share the trip

When you start sending coordinates, generated links of the form**_***_** it is valid until you complete the trip


If you need to give permanent access to your location you can create a Permalink. The link will always show your location (current or saved). Please note that we also see your online status.

Good to know:

Every time you start and stop monitoring creates a "trip", which is then stored in history

At the same time not one authorized device or one account can have only one trip

Once travel has commenced, within 6 hours, should be sent at least one coordinate, otherwise it is considered empty and will be removed

If you are not an authorized device does not send coordinates within a few hours, the trip will automatically end

If the account is not received coordinate within 8 hours, the trip will automatically end

If the majority of the points sent in the last 24 hours, with zero speed - the drive is considered useless and will not be saved