Sudden turn

Hello, Travelers!

Quite unexpectedly for me, but it is I, Konstantin Gam, who am writing to you. I have regained 100% control and ownership of the service due to the changes in the world around us, so that the service does not sink into oblivion at all.

It is important to understand that over the years that the service has existed, the most important thing for us has been the preservation of your travels. Analysis, search, catologization. And most importantly storage.

To ensure the safety of all data, I developed my own storage format for coordinate sequences and conducted experiments for the last six months until the service was under my control. Now, I can please you, travel data is stored extremely securely, constantly duplicated to a remote database + file backups of the entire database, uploaded to Dropbox. However, no one is eternal and the service on behalf of one person is doomed to stagnation if something happens to this person. In development, this is called "bus-factor", you can look into Google ...
And so. The priority for this summer, for me, will be the preparation of such a platform so that I can, without much difficulty, share access to it and its data with people with similar interests, in case of trouble.

A little finance... as stated in video, the service eats a lot of money as it is, which in no way returns at least stage 0, there is always a minus, no matter what optimizations. Of course, not counting the time required for support and at least minimal maintenance. Therefore, it is very important that you understand. There is nothing free on the Internet. And there has never been, except for a limited service launch period.

In our case, it is absurd to make the service completely paid, it is impossible to make it free. A vicious circle. I will be honest, in order for the service to be available not only to me and my friends, I need motivation. It is there, these are subscribers to Boosty. And it doesn't matter what tariff someone is subscribed to, quantity and consistency are more important. I launched a tariff with a minimum price for busti, so as not to hit your pocket, but you also understand that the server will not pay for itself and services can become radically more expensive. The minimum price turned out to be 12 rubles a month, anyone who has a smartphone can afford it.


Now the news for May, while I was putting things in order here and that's it:

Date: 15.05.2022