OsMoDroid straight out of the woods

Hello, Travelers!

Today we are happy to share with you great news, after long trials, testing, trial and error, covid and war with Google play, we were able to launch an update for OsMoDroid containing a full-fledged hiking mode!

How does it work?

When the "Hiking Mode" is activated in the application, it switches to the coordinate transmission mode with a specified frequency and without confirmation of delivery. This allows you to significantly save battery life in conditions of poor or absent communication (in fairness, it works cool in the city). But in order for a normal full-fledged track to remain in your history, the application records the track file locally in the usual way, with the maximum frequency of coordinate polling. When you turn off your tracker, the app tries to send it. If there is no connection at the time of completion of work with the tracker, it's okay, the file will remain locally and will be transferred at the next session of work with the application, if there is a connection.

Hiking mode carries only one serious limitation - data is transmitted without any "trip", just as a set of disparate points. Therefore, you can share your location only through a permanent link or a group. Temporary links are not available.

Hurry up to update your OsMoDroid to the latest version!

Date: 29.10.2021