New era of OsMo

We are continuing to update the site and system, there is a lot of interesting things ahead.

As you have noticed over the past six months, a lot has changed in the system, for example, we have redesigned the interface of your personal account.

In October, we added the ability to get data from Ios devices.

In November, the "Family" groups stopped being open and suddenly more than 500 groups of this type were transformed into 15 (our Patreons).

In December, we started filtering other types of groups that do not fit the terms of use of our service and found a lot of abandoned or incorrectly used groups, more than 4000.

In January, we launched a system for automatically setting the Pro status based on the user's activity rating, and many of the service's functions are related to it.

In February, we started to modify our ride analyzer in depth to be able to solve the problem of analyzing rides uploaded from outside, recorded using OsMoDroid or for example the Garmin Navigator.

At the end of March, the #stayhome mode was launched and we gave the maximum Pro status to all users for a week.

In April, we implemented a new persistent link management system. now you can configure all available options.

In April, we also implemented editing trips in the archive. you can specify the name, description, transport, expenses, and tags.

In April, we released a tag system that allows you to group trips between all users of the system by interests.

In may, we released an OsMoDroid update that supports setting ride privacy, activity type, and transport on the fly, so you don't have to worry about your privacy.

In June, we plan to add a system for managing our equipment/transport.

Date: 25.05.2020