Family Scenario

Hello, Travelers!

Over the past 3 months, we have made a number of updates in the work of the "Family" groups. The main update is that they work now without a special OsMoDroid version and on the most modern Android!

The problems found with the operation of routes were fixed, it was not possible to enter actual data for some time and there were problems with creating a private route (not on behalf of the group).

The scripting system has been significantly redesigned. HTTP requests can now be GET/POST/PUT. Data is now sent with more complete headers, to improve support for third-party APIs. A new trigger has been added - for the value of the user's flag. A new action has also been added - changing the flag, for example, it can be linked to the time or the entrance to the geofence. A good example is after leaving a certain geofence, the flag changes and the interval script starts working on the flag, until the flag value changes.

Map layers have been updated in applications, irrelevant ones have been removed, new ones have been added.

In the near future we plan to launch a new product consolidating the best sides of OsMo under a new brand. We are also planning to move the server from the Netherlands to Russia.

The "Family" groups are now available again to any user, it is enough to create a group with the appropriate name and its type automatically changes to "Family".

While this is all news, see you on the roads!

Date: 08.11.2022