Plans for Christmas

Hello, Travelers!

As you probably know, the OsMo project has been a platform for one person's experiments for a long time, despite the work of a dozen. This sometimes led to the outflow of significant masses of users from the service in view of the negative user experience.

Therefore, as we wrote earlier, the service changed its management model in July 2021. We strive to keep the tracker stable in its usual form, without global changes.
Now, we are working on analyzing the accumulated data on trips in order to separate outdated and irrelevant, as well as those requiring storage costs, from those that we are ready to store in the current monetization model of the service.

A couple of facts from the history of the project:

We want to return the service to its origins. Just a tracker, and nothing extra. 

However, there are some amendments, in view of the nuances of user support. At the moment, we cannot refuse mandatory registration, since there is practically no way to help an anonymous person, because we have no way to contact him.

Our plans are as follows:

Since these plans may affect the interests of some users, we will notify you of our intentions in advance, by a separate letter. It is planned to be able, upon request, to download all data from the trip history, upon request to support. Some data has been damaged over the years, as a result of a number of events, and we are working to normalize the database. It is possible to export specifically your trips, it may be partial.

Thank you for being with us!

Date: 07.01.2022