Finnish Laavu Collection || Каталог финских Лааву

A Finnish laavu, Swedish gapskjul or slogbod, or Norwegian gapahuk is also a traditional, ethnic lean-to, small building intended for temporary residence during hiking or fishing trips in the wilderness.

Laavus are commonly found in Finnish Lapland near popular fishing rivers and in national parks. In principle, a laavu is a simplified version of a wilderness hut. Like wilderness huts, laavus are not kept warm, and may not be reserved beforehand. Unlike wilderness huts, laavus lack doors or windows. A typical laavu is a wooden building, about 10 m² in area and 2 m high, consisting of a roof, floor, and three walls. The fourth wall is left permanently open.


Ла́а́ву (фин. Laavu) — это навес в лесу, в интересном и/или красивом месте.

В Финляндии лааву строятся и обслуживаются на муни­ци­паль­ные средства и предназначены для отдыха всех желающих.