You see all group members on a single map, they also see you when you have enabled the tracking. You can plan a trip with the whole group: place in group points and tracks for easy simultaneous navigation of multiple devices.

Create a group

The group is a great way of sharing your location

Group monitoring on site

Join the group

In mobile application you are using, look for "Join group" in the ID field enter U or ID or URL of the group (no registration required)

If you have registered, you can join the group via the website

Personal monitoring on site Personal monitoring on site

Short instruction

Suppose you want to monitor for 5 people


You can add to the group map gpx-tracks or waypoints, they will be downloaded to all group members automatically

Trip planning with group monitoring


If the group type allows allows it, you can control the monitoring on the devices in the group. All at once or individually.

Trip planning with group monitoring


You can add a map of the area, at the entrance and exit system will notify the members of the group, and you can also assign additional scripts

Trip planning with group monitoring


The ability to specify different actions in the group are bound to different events: such as time, connect to a specific Wifi-network or enter to a geofence

Trip planning with group monitoring