OsMo — Simple Travel Recording

Our product helps you record your trips, workouts, and daily walks for further analysis. The OsMoDroid app records a high-precision track with a frequency of 1 Hz online, thereby capturing the dynamics of your path as accurately as possible. You don't need to turn on "auto-pause" or stop recording at stops manually, the system will do everything for you.

OsMoDroid -
OsMoDroid -

Key features

Trip recording

Install the application, click "Run". That's all it takes to start recording your trip as accurately as possible


Create a personal link in the app and register daily using the fixed link. The link can be closed with a password or published as a frame inside your site


Apply to create a group in one minute and invite members of your community. When participants start monitoring, their location will be seen by everyone who has access to the group through the applications and the website. Ideal for public bike rides or car rides

Family (requires Plus subscription)

Create a special group "Family" and invite your relatives to it. All family members will see each other's location, all the time, via apps or website with minimal energy consumption and without the need to manually turn on the tracker

If you have any questions, please contact us: osmo.mobi@gmail.com