OsMo Monitoring

Mobile GPS monitoring makes it easy to share geo-data: your coordinates, points, tracks


OsMo — the best solution for mobile gps monitoring

By creating a group in OsMo, you can quickly find each other on the ground. It is very convenient both in the quiet wood, and in the large megalopolis


Types of monitoring

With the organization

Sled dog race, or a taxi company - our solution is very flexible


Why did the child stay at school? Accurate location information with minimal power consumption

During the journey

Share your impressions or organize a whole column of cars on the track. A trip out of town or a tour across the country? Unimportantly!


We care about the peace of your loved ones every day, for more than 3 years

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You can watch open groups without registration, view permanent and temporary links through the site

Questions? Contact us: osmo.mobi@gmail.com

Photos by Nikita Pugach