OsMo.mobi IoT/GPS-Monitoring

Our sports GPS monitoring system makes it easy to share your geolocation, points and routes in real time with the whole world or individual groups of people. A detailed analysis of your training on the bike.

OsMoDroid -
OsMoDroid -

Types of monitoring


Install the application, click "Start" and share the link that is valid until the end of the trip


Create a personal link and you will be able to watch daily on a fixed link. The link can be closed with a password or published as a frame inside the site


Create a group in one minute and invite members of your community. When the participants will start monitoring their location will be seen by all who have access to the group via the mobile app and the website.


Create a special group "Family" and invite your family to it. All family members will see each other constantly through app or the website.


Grab Guh

Excellent for everyone who work with Grab, Uber, Go-Car or any taxi/mobile service. Especially when you have a group and need to monitor everyone's position. Also good for monitoring family location.

Kiti Thengtrirat

Great app to track your child give them a cell phone and you don't worry much. Dangerous app to give to your wife, you can't go any where...love it, live it ... especially when traffic jam and you wait for someone back home.

Randy Schnedler

No registration required to use it, though registration does give you even more power. Great stuff, frequent updates. Just keeps getting better! Thank you, dev!

If you have any questions, please contact us: Telegram @osmomobi, Email: osmo.mobi@gmail.com